Editorial Services You Can Provide as a Home Business

Looking for ideas to try as a home business? I found a good list. Some require skills in editing, some lean towards technical knowledge, etc. Technical writing isn’t mentioned. But, indexing was interesting, not something I have heard much about. Copyediting. This is where fact checking takes place, and where grammatical, stylistic and typographical errors … Read more

My Current Blogroll

This is my current blogroll of writing links from WordGrrls. There are doubles because I re-add links fairly often. So far I haven’t found something which lets me know I already have a link on my blogroll. I also need to make time to check them for link rot. They should be fairly ok though. … Read more

What Does a Managing Editor do Online?

Cut and pasted from the job boards on ProBlogger. We’re looking for a content expert/managing editor to help with our content marketing strategy. You’ll work with a very talented team of people all around the country. Key responsibilities Creating high-quality, compelling content: * Edit and rewrite articles and other types of content for tone, accuracy, … Read more