Do You Still Write With a Pen?

There is, still, something I like about writing by hand that I miss when I’m typing on a keyboard. There is a smoothness to the pen and paper and I like having good penmanship. There is no penmanship at all with a keyboard. Today I found a note from Perfect Pen, a site selling pens and etc. They say 95% of people write their name first, when they get a new pen. I don’t know if its true. How would you find out about that. Chances are someone selling pens and seeing people test them before buying, would know. So … Read more

Tom Carter – Art from Vancouver

Tom Carter, artist, Vancouver, BC. His style reminds me of the old postcards, hand drawn looking with that sort of range of colours. I would call it muted, for lack of a better word. They look like something you could find (if you were lucky) in a thrift shop, a little time worn and dated but a treasure still. Tom Carter Gallery Tom Carter Artist on Facebook I made screenshots of two of his set of Christmas cards, posted to Facebook, this year. I am far too late to order a set of cards. If I can afford a set, … Read more

Second Hand Books are Wild

Do you remember BookCrossing? It’s been years since I last logged in. Funny that I was thinking of the book which I had last read the last time I was at the site. I couldn’t remember the author or the title, but there it was, first on my profile page. “Second hand books are wild books, homeless books; they have come together in vast flocks of variegated feather, and have a charm which the domesticated volumes of the library lack.” – Virginia Woolf A friend who joined the site with me, Skye Truheart, I have not heard from for many … Read more

My Idea – Build A Lot More Gamification into Online Shopping

Why don’t stores, with online shopping, use more gamification? Games online use it, but they don’t have the merchandise to take it farther. I think an online shopping retail outlet, like Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, Etsy, etc should combine with an existing game site. Or go on their own with a game developer of their choosing. But, it would be simpler, cost effective, to work with an existing game and merge together. Set up an account and create a character (your personal avatar won’t start with much, features can be earned) – you get a permanent 5% discount on anything you … Read more

Gorgeous Poinsettia Fabric

I found this fabric at an Etsy shop today. It’s perfect but I don’t have any project in mind to use it for. I was just looking for poinsettias. I’m posting the picture so I can see it again and again. I especially like poinsettias around the winter holidays. I’m going to use the image as wallpaper for my desktop computer. That will help to cheer me up over the next few months.

What is the Best White Elephant Gift?

Do you know what a white elephant is? A white elephant is something you’d like to get rid of, its not useful and usually too expensive to use or keep. People sometimes have white elephant gift exchanges, like re-gifting, presents they have been given and would like to get rid of, graciously. The idea is to try finding someone who will love, or at least like, the extravagant, and not useful to most people, gift. What would you bring to a white elephant gift exchange? Coffee table books, they look nice, they tend to be big with a lot of … Read more

A Project to Document Ghost Signs in London, UK

Sam Roberts (Ghostsigns UK) and Roy Reed are looking for funding to complete their project, documenting London, England’s ghost signs. For a pledge of $77 Canadian you can get a copy of the book sent to you. They expect to have it ready to mail out by Christmas this year, 2021.  You can also just donate to sponsor the project.

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark Movie Macabre

I started typing in this post and then the Internet decided to die. Usually, the post would manage to be saved as a draft, this one didn’t make it. So, although it only matters to me, this post is being written a second time around. Kind of right when thinking of Cassandra Peterson, better known as her character, Elvira. She wasn’t finding huge success in movies and TV, until she became Elvira. A reinvention of herself from her career and personal life. I had thought she was a Vegas showgirl who found a better career path, until I read more … Read more

Words for The Cat Came Back

Do you know the old song, The Cat Came Back? Written by Harry S. Miller, Christmas 1893. I remember it as an old recording sung by a man with a deep voice and it was very haunting. People who went up in balloons never to be seen again. People exploding in mines in thousands of pieces, but the cat came back. It was one of those scary things you just seem to want more of, maybe to find out more, maybe to hear about survivors. Turns out there are a lot of versions of the song. A lot of differences … Read more