Posted to Ontario Barn Preservation – Cars in Barns Are Barn Finds

This is the post I wrote about old cars being found in even older barns, for the Ontario Barn Preservation newsletter, January 2023.

Cars in Barns Are “Barn Finds”

I like to photograph old buildings, farm houses and barns included. I’ve met a lot of people who also have an interest in old places. Not everyone is about photographing them.… Read the rest

The Idea of Road Trips with a Micro Car in Ontario

There are small cars and then there are micro cars. Not so easy to find in Ontario. You would have better luck in Europe and Asia than North America.

Although a small car is better when it comes to using fuel. They appeal to me because you use them for small trips around town, like picking up groceries, going to the post office, and so on.… Read the rest

Don’t Turn Your Back on that Garden Gnome

Here we are, surrounded by snow at this time of year. It’s a nice time to think about Spring, which I know is coming, eventually. It just takes it’s own time; keeps it’s own schedule. Sort of.

I’m thinking of a garden setting for a scene. It’s early morning, the dew is still on the grass.… Read the rest

Shopping Cart Syndrome

When you are out shopping this season or just any day picking up groceries, do you return your shopping cart or abandon it in the parking lot?

Or, worse, do you steal the shopping cart, taking it out of the store parking area? It costs us all when shopping carts are stolen and yet people still seem to do this.… Read the rest

What Do Guys Read?

If you look at the fiction for boys and young men, there isn’t a lot to choose from. I noticed this years ago as my nephew (Zack) was growing up. Now Zack is almost 16. He reads books from the regular fiction. But, once in awhile he backtracks to something he read as a boy. He has a loyalty to the books he liked, he will read them again and again.… Read the rest

Weird/ Odd Art Forms I Like

I’m taking part in the ProBlogger 31 Day Challenge to a Better Blog. On the second day, the assignment is to create a list post. Among the reasons for making a list post are readers who skim rather than read. I know about this type of reader as I do it a lot myself. So here is my list post:

Weird/ Odd Art Forms I Like

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Wouldn’t You Like to be An Alien Too

Indie Bloggers Weekly Challenge #12

122 Words regarding:

You get off work at the coffee shop at 5:45 and walk thirteen blocks back to your flat where you’ve been receiving mail addressed to the previous tenant, someone your age, sex, and same first name, for the last four years. You’ve even answered some of it. You have, in fact, as far as magazine subscriptions and junk mail goes, become this person.

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Submitted for the Midnight Society…

Submitted this story idea to a website/ ezine. It might be fun to write a continuing serial/ soap opera.

Prunella’s Misadventures in Time and Space
Science Fiction – genre


Prunella is a young woman who just falls into misadventure. Not even
wearing a lucky rabbit’s foot helped Prunella. She did try it. As a
child she was raised in an isolated, majestic family mansion.… Read the rest