The Hyundai Commerical

I’m not a ranting busybody but, I sent this as a ‘Letter to the Editor’ of the Toronto Star – a big newspaper in Canada. Carmageddon is a video game where players race cars and get bonuses for hitting pedestrians and other cars. It’s not a game for everyone. Hyundai, a maker of real cars … Read more

Found Carmageddon!

Found Carmageddon! *OLDIES BACK-UP* // Carmageddon  I’m downloading Carmageddon! Finally found a site where it’s abandonware, free for the downloading. A hefty download but just wait till I’m wrecking cars again. I’ve missed version one. As much as I like Crashopolypse (spelling doesn’t look right) version one had a charm of it’s own.

From Live Beta March 25th, 2001

The following is the introduction I had written for my website on Geocities, posted March 25th, 2001. I’m a Sagittarius, year of the Dragon kind of woman. I like being outdoors, having a great coffee in the city mall, spending too much time in bookstores, traveling around on a shoestring budget, comfortable shoes, Civilization 2, … Read more