Not Quite Being a Paranormal Writer

I applied for the Paranormal topic at today. But, I tried 3 times over the afternoon, the site keeps giving me a 404 error when I send the application. So, for personal posterity, here is what I sent. Time travel, mad science, aliens, cryptozoology, the supernatural, lost worlds, the unexplained, weird science, history, and … Read more

Jewellery as Christmas Ornaments

I like to buy new holiday brooches every Christmas season. My favourite to find (and collect) are the Christmas trees. Next are poinsettias and from there I like an assortment of Christmas things. I do prefer natural themes like birds, pine cones and snow people to the religious themed brooches. That’s just me as an … Read more

Rubber Ducks are Spooky Too

The typical rubber duck is yellow, squeaky and cuddly (according to Sesame Street). Halloween rubber ducks look a little spooky. I’d expect some misbehaviour, some tricks and not so many treats. You may not want to take these rubber ducks into the bath tub with you. Sure they can swim around on the water but, … Read more

The Changling Test

Your result for Which Changeling Are You?… The Courtless My mother killed her little son, My father smiled when I was gone, My sister loved me best of all; She buried the family one and all. Once there was a girl, who had no father or mother. All alone in a shack at the end … Read more