What to do with Broken Books

Books get broken. Some can be repaired. Some aren’t worth repairing but could be repurposed/ upcycled instead. Book art is nice to see but, I think it needs to be practical so we aren’t just creating clutter but something useful too. I don’t have many hard cover books these days. I miss them. When you … Read more

Don’t Turn Your Back on that Garden Gnome

Here we are, surrounded by snow at this time of year. It’s a nice time to think about Spring, which I know is coming, eventually. It just takes it’s own time; keeps it’s own schedule. Sort of. I’m thinking of a garden setting for a scene. It’s early morning, the dew is still on the … Read more

Rewilding: An Education in Food

Foraging for wild food isn’t new, the early pioneers did it and people were foraging for food all through the history of mankind. It is just new to us, in this day and age, where the local supermarket has everything from diaper wipes to lettuce imported from China. Our ancestors had the knowledge about wild … Read more

Eating Garden Snails

Watching Gordon Ramsay’s F Word show tonight, I saw how he caught, cooked and ate garden snails. In this world of economic worries (and my own love of apocalyptic stories), eating garden snails doesn’t sound like a bad plan. I thought the whole thing of farming garden snails was something fairly new  until I started … Read more

Indie Bloggers #23 – Hole to China

Indie Blogger Weekly Challenge #23 Up to 250 words regarding: As a sewer inspector in Milwaukee, you’re used to roaches, rats, the occasional alligator. You’re a pro. But today was different. 135 feet into a 3×5 tunnel, alone, you find: That famous (infamous?) hole to China which kids have been trying to dig for countless … Read more