Don’t Lose Your Poppy Pin Before Remembrance Day

I buy at least one poppy pin from the Canadian Legion boxes or the people standing at the door of the grocery store, every year. I like the pin itself and I like supporting the Legion. The real problem is keeping the pins on. Also, not getting stuck by that long pin several times a day.… Read the rest

Hello… Happy UnBirthday to You (and Me)!

I have wanted to have a holiday and events site for years. But, I tend to make things more complicated than they need to be. So, this site is taking awhile to pull together. I have artwork, from my ASCII art. I have posts and loads of ideas I’ve been gathering, collecting and curating. I found software which I can use to set up a calendar for all the recurring holidays and events.… Read the rest

Denim Christmas Stocking with Fake Fur

I really like this Xmas stocking I noticed on Etsy. But, with shipping added, the price is more than doubled. How does that work? Shipping must cost sellers a lot of sales on Etsy. In this case, it likely isn’t the only Christmas stocking made in this style. Not even just looking at Etsy shops.… Read the rest