Don’t Lose Your Poppy Pin Before Remembrance Day

I buy at least one poppy pin from the Canadian Legion boxes or the people standing at the door of the grocery store, every year. I like the pin itself and I like supporting the Legion. The real problem is keeping the pins on. Also, not getting stuck by that long pin several times a day.… Read the rest

Remembering Animals on Remembrance Day

Why isn’t this a horse rather than a dog? Is this really about animals or something for self-indulgent pet owners? I’m sure there were far more horses used in wars than dogs.

If it is for the pets… why are they always dogs?

I hope everyone wearing a purple poppy is also wearing at least one red poppy, for the humans lost to the wars.… Read the rest

Crochet a Poppy Pin

For some inspiration you could start with a look at the Red Poppy group on Flickr, mostly real flowers rather than designs or art/ crafts. But, there are different shades of red with poppies, some are pink and white too. You might decide to make a batch of flowers in all shades of colour.

Maggie’s Crochet has one of my favourite crochet poppies.… Read the rest