Designer Camouflage

Lucky you… you’re in the Army now. But you’ve been hired as the new fashion designer. Suddenly they want all the uniforms revamped and given some style. You can pick any colours, no restrictions but they do ask that you remember there has to be at least one uniform they can wear into battle which gives them camouflage.… Read the rest

Waving Your Flag

July 1st is Canada Day. In honour of that…

Design a new logo for your country. It can incorporate the flag and other cultural icons but it should be unique and bring out your own feelings about your country – the things you love best and the things that always make you feel you belong there.… Read the rest

Stick Figure Grrls

I’ve seen a lot of stick figure drawings. It’s interesting how many different versions there are of the same basic concept. How would you draw yourself as a stick figure? Add clothes and accessories, maybe a sidekick if you have a pet or husband and family. Colour it too if you have pencil crayons or markers.… Read the rest

Creepy Creatures of the Floor

If you’ve been good and doing your Spring Cleaning this year chances are you have come across a few of the fun things like dust bunnies, deceased and non-deceased insects and cobwebs. You may have lucked out and found something even more fun which I haven’t thought of or just didn’t notice (I’m only just getting started on the Spring Cleaning thing).… Read the rest

We all Know Boys Have Cooties…

As we all know, boys have cooties (kooties, not sure on the official spelling). It’s not their fault, it just happens that when they reach a certain age boys stop being cute and sweet and just get cootified. No girl in her right mind would want to kiss one of them.

The strange thing is, no one has actually seen a cootie.… Read the rest

Something Snowy This Way Comes

Yesterday there was a fresh batch of snow, it’s left a huge pile up on the front lawn. From the window you see how pretty it is coating each and every twig and branch on the trees. There are still a few big sloppy looking snowflakes slowly floating down. The day is getting warmer out, it’s actually a little sunny and not at all gloomy as it was yesterday when all the snow fell.… Read the rest

It Takes a Village

Imagine your own village. How would you organize the town, the services, the streets, the shops, the houses and the industrial section. Don’t forget trains, planes and buses and all the forms of communication and power and water resources. Then there is all the entertainment and spiritual and parks and recreation. Set up your village to run well and work for all the citizens.… Read the rest

Snowflakes In the Air

Just draw a bunch of snowflakes. Each one should look different just as real snowflakes are never two the same. Go online for inspiration if you don’t know where to start. But why not just give your brain the chance to be really creative. After all no one needs to be a great artist to draw a few straight(ish) lines.

Writers Getting Outside the Box

Every writer should have at least one other art form. We need to work with something outside of our comfort zone with words. Not only is this a great way to deal with writing stress, blocks or rejection but you make your brain work in different ways, bringing out fresh vision and inventiveness.

I like ASCII art (typed pictures) and sewing (quilting and embroidery).… Read the rest