Jenny Holzer Writes Projections as Art

Jenny Holzer is an artist presenting ideas in words for public spaces.  The public dimension is integral to Holzer’s work. Her large-scale installations have included advertising billboards, projections on buildings and other architectural structures, and illuminated electronic displays. LED signs have become her most visible medium, although her diverse practice incorporates a wide array of media including street … Read more

Build a Better Mousetrap for the End of the World

Would you even guess this is a mousetrap? It’s vintage, from the 1930’s approximately. I first saw it on a video from Shawn Woods and then I went looking on eBay out of curiousity. Shawn Woods makes videos of how mousetraps actually work at catching mice. If you are especially squeamish or strongly against killing rodents, don’t watch.  I … Read more

Your Monster in Your Haunted House

Create your own haunted house. Plan the layout, the type of rooms, the design and colours. Write about the street appeal and what people see, hear, smell and sense from out on the street. Then, create the monster living in the house, the surprise in the centre of the maze of rooms and storytelling. What … Read more

Caught Inside a Wreck

Kind of gruesome perhaps, but I found an interesting writing prompt on Once Written: Build Character — Write a scene about what happens when a character you’re working gets trapped inside a car for two hours after a terrible car accident.

Long, Dark, Rusty Secrets

Two friends have a secret. Each has a different secret. Both secrets are unique and something they have kept from each other for years. Neither would ever dream of telling the other her secret. What are the secrets each friend is keeping? Why do they keep these things secret from each other? How would the … Read more

The Adventure of the Lost and Found Glove

You’ve lost one of the gloves Great Aunt Hettie gave to your for Christmas. She’s going to be pretty upset if you don’t show up wearing both of them. Today is her birthday and you really do want to be there for the party, you’re the one who organized it all. At the subway station … Read more