Your Experiences of Love Thus Far

“Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop.” – Anonymous Have you heard that one before? Write your own, a quick analysis of love. Think of what you would tell your daughter. Think of what you would tell your son. Why is it different and how can you put … Read more

The Order of Events

Write down at least 10 things that you did today (or 10 things that happened to you today). Make them a short list in the order they happened, chronological order. Now jumble the order, randomly. How would your day have been different if things had happened in the new random order? If you change the … Read more

Room to Write

Think of one kind of annoying day to day kind of task which irritates you about writing. For me it is just making myself stop all the other hundred little things I could be doing and settle down to start the writing project. Or, I could say the most aggravating thing is having a ton … Read more

Reach Outside of Your Box

Consider of a form of writing you rebel against trying, or even reading. Now use that yourself. Stretch your limits and open your mind to something you thought you could not, or would not do. Maybe you have never tried writing a poem, or maybe you never thought you could write horror or romance is … Read more

Laughing with Tears

Write about something goofy a relative does or has done. Your Mother likes to steal pens. Your brother actually asked for directions once. Your Uncle still thinks he’s keeping mice away if he drinks a lot of tea and then makes a trail of his own pee outside the house. Don’t let it become mean … Read more

Time is Broken

You’ve written every story. Literally, you really have, you’re 6,347 years old. It all started with an accident in a time machine you invented. Or, tried to invent. Is it actually a successful test run if you are stuck in time travel and can’t ever get back to shut off the machine and resume your … Read more

It Takes a Village

Imagine your own village. How would you organize the town, the services, the streets, the shops, the houses and the industrial section. Don’t forget trains, planes and buses and all the forms of communication and power and water resources. Then there is all the entertainment and spiritual and parks and recreation. Set up your village … Read more

The Great Outdoors

On a day when you feel really discouraged from writing. Stop. Pick up your purse and any other essentials and get outside. Take a bus, drive or walk your way to somewhere you can sit in the outdoors. It may be a park bench or the middle of nowhere if you live near enough to … Read more