Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Authors I Have Liked

This post is a place to share the books and authors I really have enjoyed. I follow most of these writers on Twitter as well. I like to see how their writing routine works – when they’re actually writing and not just talking to hopeful writers. I also hear about what they are working on … Read more

Reading and Writing Mysteries

This was originally part of the Suite101 University ecourses offered for free. I wanted to preserve the information for myself and others as Suite101 is taking all of the ecourse University content down. Mysteries By┬áJanet Blaylock Introduction This course is a pre-requisite to “Writing Mysteries.” What are your favorite genres? Romance perhaps? Maybe it’s Adventures … Read more

Interesting Groups Found on GoodReads

Dystopias and Social Critiques The Alternative World Apocalypse Whenever Hard SF– Where the reality of the science counts. Urban Fantasy Cozy Mysteries Dragon and Magic Lovers – For those who like books that include dragons. Wicca and Witchcraft – Discussing Paganism and books about Wicca and Witchcraft. Witches Brew – Books with Witches in them. … Read more