Bonzi Buddy Invasion

I’ve updated my AdAware. LavaSoft’s freeware spy catcher software. It works great. Much better than the old version I’ve had for ages. It just occured to me to check for an update. The new version got rid of a lot of stuff, mostly left from Alexa, that the old version of AdAware didn’t catch.

PS- Snood is working fine now but it did automatically install that damn Bonzi Buddy on my computer.… Read the rest


I had a great day yesterday.

The Tim Hortons I remembered from the last time I was lost but it was a LOT farther than I thought. I drove almost up to the lake. It was actually in Keswick. I stopped in Canadian Tire cause that was right there too. I bought some practical rust inhibitor for my car and the pretty impractical sewing machine.… Read the rest

Friday Road Tour

It’s Friday and I have the day off. Plus I have money! What a great day this is shaping up to be. It’s even sunny out and most of the ice storm is melted or melting. Even our driveway is showing through again. Too bad the path up to the front door is on the sheltered side, it’s still snowbound.… Read the rest

Something I Wrote Down at Work One Day

You get punished for the things you do wrong. But seldom are you rewarded for the good things. Instead, the things you do right are taken for granted. I think thats one problem in parenting. Kids who do well are over looked for the kids who do wrong. Thus kids are not rewarded for good behaviour, honesty and etc.

Money Money Money

Tomorrow is pay day and I will have money again. What a miserable invention is money. Having to count your needs by a dollar value and having to work so many hours to make so few dollars. What sadist came up with this scheme and why do we all make ourselves continue to follow it.

I’ve already put aside two pairs of pants and one new nightie that I will buy tomorrow before I start work.… Read the rest

Killing us Softly

I think the scariest war news lately has been the finding of chemical/ biological weapons. Especially with the SARS and West Nile virus so much in the news here. It’s on everyone’s mind I would think. Hospitals are closed down under quarantine. How safe does that feel? How easy are we to target with some new disease that we couldn’t even hope to fight.… Read the rest