Zack Says Hi

My nephew, Zack, says Hi. He was looking over my shoulder a few minutes ago. Likes to see his name come up on my blog and has been known to count how many times he gets mentioned.

Zack is all of 13 now. Zack is getting a few zits, I bug him to wash his face more. Today Zack helped me cook dinner. Zack played a hockey computer game with Simon, who lives in the apartment downstairs. Zack helped us unload his Grandmother’s concrete bricks from the trunk of her Honda Accord which my brother Graham says is her pick-up truck because she treats it like one.

Zack is having vegetable soup now. His half-way to midnight snack. Zack has been going through a hungry stage this weekend. I’ve checked for gnawing on the furniture but so far we have had enough food to keep him away from the wood. We are going out for breakfast with Zack tomorrow and will pick up more groceries then too.

If you are thinking Zack is like a mutant hampster to be gnawing on wood… you are wrong. He is far too big to ever be confused with a hampster or guinea pig or other such pet rodent. Right now Zack is probably trying to get Maple Story to load again. It has been freezing and stalling the whole weekend but he keeps trying. I think Zack has more patience than I do, at least when it comes to a computer game.

Good night Zack. It’s 10:30 now, shouldn’t you be getting your shower and going to bed?

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