Your Road Not Taken

I posted this to Skye’s blog post about regrets.

I think you can’t afford to have regrets. It makes you put time into looking back and analysizing things that are already history and can not be changed. Just look forward and do your best each day: personally, on the job and for yourself too. What better can you do? Don’t try to be perfect, only robots are perfect and not even they are error free. Be yourself and look forward to all the good things still to come ahead in your life. Don’t be afraid or intimidated to look up and smile at people too. If you can smile at a few people everyday and do your best, what will you possibly have to regret? One road not taken means you did take another road, you’re still traveling. Don’t stop for looking back and regrets.

Regrets don’t bother me. But, sometimes the road not taken theory does bug me. Not that I regret or especially think about the roads I have taken. I think about all the roads, endless streams of choices not made. Think of one choice/ road which would have led to other roads and choices which you never even knew about. Roads in the future, even more than roads in the past. After all, the past is gone and can’t be changed. What about the future, where there are so many endless roads and choices.

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