Your Own Charm Bracelet

You’re designing your own charm bracelet, something kind of old fashioned but you might give it a modern style or stick to the traditional.

The bracelet is in front of you so is the charm catalogue with thousands of little charms to choose from. Think of your life, things you have experienced, things that you wish for, things that describe and interest you. Some things you are looking forward to ahead in your life as well.

You can pick 7 charms to fill the bracelet or 16 to fill it and look somewhat cluttered, heavy and clunky. The clutteredness doesn’t matter as much as getting it right and making it fit you personally. After all, you can always create charm bracelet earrings, long and dangly, with those extra charms.

What charms do you pick to have added to the bracelet (or earrings) to make your own charm bracelet?

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