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My Result: INTP

About 3-4% of the U.S. population possesses the combination of traits that make up this personality type.

Being an INTP means that although you may be thoughtful and quiet at times, you are also likely to be deeply ambitious. You’re the kind of individual who sets personal goals for yourself and works hard to achieve them. Unlike many people with high aspirations, you aren’t the kind to showboat in order to get noticed. Still, INTPs like you have a quiet intensity that most people can detect. This strength allows you to be a source of reassurance to those around you. When others are losing their cool in a crisis, you can be there to pick up the pieces. You may not always say much, but when you do speak up, you often manage to offer useful, thought-provoking insights.

In relationships, part of what often excites you is sharing your ideas about the world. You can enjoy talking over issues or helping to solve people’s problems. In fact, you seem to have a real knack for problem-solving when there is a concrete solution that can be found. However you may be less eager to get involved in the grey areas of intense interpersonal problems – even when the problems are your own. This isn’t because you don’t care. You probably just don’t want to be responsible for coming up with the “right” answer when someone else is involved. It can be a lot of pressure.

What are you?

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