Young Women Riot and Older Women Give Them The Forum

5 Reasons Why It’s Important to Keep Talking About Pussy Riot | xoJane.

I’m just starting to read about Pussy Riot and find out what they are about. As I was looking at another post about them on another blog… I began to think – it’s always the young women doing the rebelling, the physical actions, the biggest voices and the most likely to be in the media.

For a moment I felt passed by, as an older woman. Not important any more. Then, I realized how important we really are.

My generation are the women who listen, but more than that, we are the people who give those young women a forum, a way to be heard, a place to speak from.

We are where they cane from. We are the trail blazers, still ahead on the path, holding some of the branches out of their way.

Just because we aren’t in the news, being thrown in jail or active in other ways, doesn’t mean we are in the background. We are a long way from becoming wallflowers.

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