You Kissed the Frog and You Liked It

In a surprising twist of fate, when you finally do buckle down and kiss that frog he really does turn into a Prince, from another planet.

Now here you are, reclining in very comfortable seats in his spaceship. It’s not quite how you saw this day turning out. Deciding to leave wasn’t easy. But you were able to pack up everything essential and even a lot of non-essential. Your family included. Whatever is waiting for you on the other end of this spaceship ride, you won’t have to pay taxes, insurance, bills, or anything else. It’s going to be luxury and a life of easy pleasure. If you want challenges you get to pick them, they won’t keep picking on you.

You’ve seen the brochures about your new home. Sure the people have the odd habit of walking upside down, on the hands instead of their feet, but everything else is about the same. You can adjust, right? What would be the oddest thing about living life upside down? What would take the most getting used to?

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