You Can’t Really Trust History, Or Apocalypses

Is the apocalypse over yet?

Who decides what is an apocalypse or a pandemic, or for that matter, a disaster? Then who decides it’s over? Do we give power to these people or do they take it? At the end of a real apocalypse, pandemic or disaster (in the movies) someone is the hero who makes decisions, starts things up or stays on top in some way. The real heros are unacknowledged, unapplauded, usually unrewarded (other than what they bestow on themselves – feeling good, etc.).

There are a lot of movies about heros, apocalypses and disasters. Reality is not like in the movies. History is written by the winners, those who survive and are able to write about it. They may not write the truth, certainly it is never unbiased.

You can’t really trust history, or apocalypses. Heros should be carefully considered before any celebrations begin.

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