You Can’t Live Well With Your Head on Backwards

I don’t like the idea of having regrets in my life. Maybe its knowing there is no option to change anything so I’d rather live with it and continue on with what I can do. I don’t like looking back. Sometimes, seeing an old photo of myself, I can remember that child, young person and I remember who that person was. It doesn’t seem like me any more and yet I know it was me.

If I had a time machine there are things I would change and yet… nothing now would be the same as it is, now. To change something risks losing what I do like about my life now.

Still, I could save that antique metal desk my brother broke then threw away. I could choose to marry someone else before I married my exhusband. I could have found a way to finish college, maybe.

But, everything in your life starts from one day, one source. You can follow the string back to the day you were born and then trace it beyond that until you were not even a spark of life, never started, never born at all. How far back would you go attempting to make it all perfect? What is perfect, just a concept. A flawed ideal.

Better to live without looking back for regrets . You can’t live well with your head on backwards

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