Yet Another Thought Derailed

If I don’t post now I won’t make the daily quota. I’m working the 3 to midnight shift and going out shopping this morning, after breakfast. I want to buy a new memory card for the new camera. It is not satisified with the old 512 card. No, this mega camera must have at least 2GB. Greedy thing. I’m also going to train my Mother in how to use the old camera. Train is a good word for it. Much like the mighty iron machine, my Mother does not seem to let what I tell her get through. She may have every appearance of listening and I’m sure that the train will arrive on time. But, in the end, the train is a very solid obstacle and it just gets there when it wants to get there. There is no moving a solid iron train once it steps off it’s tracks. But I will do my best. I’m optimistic.

My train of thought keeps getting interrupted by a man with a wicked smile. He’s not here, of course. This is my room. I’m not sharing it. I think I like the idea of the twin beds from the 50’s TV shows. You keep to your side of the room. But, better still, the 1350’s (or whenever) when they had separate rooms. He had the lords room and she had a room which was attached by a bathing/ changing room. If you wanted to see someone naked you went to their room, if invited. I like that idea much better than having to share a bedroom and a bed. It’s cold waking up with no covers. It’s annoying listening to someone else breathe or snore and keep you awake. It’s bothersome to step over his laundry in the morning on your way to the bathroom.

But, I might relent momentarily for a wicked smile on a man’s whiskery face. He was there yesterday. He works days and I’m evenings so I only see him now and then. During our week of training I saw him more often. I miss that wicked smile. It was fun and yet he has a kind of calmness too. Not coming up with just the right word for it. Very attractive to watch him. Nice that I don’t have to do anything else but watch.

I don’t even know if he is my age, could be. I don’t know if he is dating, married or single. I never think to look at his fingers when I could be looking at his face. So he’s just eye candy for me. Something to look forward to at work. Thats kind of enough. This way I don’t have to try to be pleasing or attract him. Though I have been thinking more than usual about what I wear to work each day. Which is ok.

Do you like a man with whiskers, a beard, or do you prefer just the stubble from the night before or do you prefer the clean shaven face? If you were looking up men in a catalogue… which kind would you look at first?

It does seem funny that we don’t have a man catalogue. I know there is PlayGirl but they go too far. Do you really want to see them naked? I don’t. I’d much rather seem them dressed, maybe not all fully dressed but at least one photo in a suit and tie. Another photo in some kind of boxer shorts and a smile. Not those clingy boxers either. I’m only going to laugh if I see that knobby thing pointing at nothing.

I am thinking to do some Christmas shopping today. I’m just going to Zellers. I can use my store credit card there. I have it all paid off and they sent the statement with a note letting me know they raised my limit. Why? I could have used a raised limit when I couldn’t manage to make more than the minimum payment and needed to put groceries on the card. Now I don’t have any problem just paying it off from the online banking once I get home, or a few days later. The raised limit isn’t very useful now. No doubt they just hope I will spend more. Silly store.

Time to get motivated (or at least dressed) for the day. Have a good day where ever you are having a day today.

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