Yes! And…

Part of a post on Entrepreneur by Scott Halford:

“Yes and…” Do what improv actors do; play the “yes and…” game. Instead of looking for the flaws, be additive to the idea. The next time someone comes to you with an idea, no matter how half-baked, put your “but” out to pasture and expand on the idea. Not only will this be collaborative and lead to more creativity, it will also show you what an attractor behavior is like.

Brainstorm ideas for something you are working on or your next blog post. Don’t stop to be critical or analyze how or if you can write them. Just purely brainstorm, get ideas and write them down in point form. Give your mind total freedom to come up with ideas. Then, say yes to each idea and expand on it, bring more into the picture, add more to them and grow from each original idea into more.

Later, when you have run dry of ideas or just need a coffee break, begin to get practical. But, don’t rush. Give your creative side some space to soar awhile, unlimited room to grow.

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