’s Brief Numerology Report for Laura’s Brief Numerology Report for Laura

Laura’s Inner Self
(Value of 8)
Within each of us there is a “best self,” which creates desires and urges. This best self has a lot to do with what we would like to be. The “inner self” is concerned with what makes up this best self. This is the part of us that others do not normally see, but we feel it within ourselves. It has much to do with our feelings, thoughts, and actions, and so is closely related with our personality. It affects our judgment, our outlook on life, our principles, and is generally our motivating force. Our Inner self has great power and influence in our life. Basically, we can say that the inner self is what we want to do and be, and therefore is largely what we are.

The born businessperson, Laura truly shines when she’s wheeling and dealing in the financial world or managing some business affair – the bigger the better. What Laura dislikes is taking a back seat while someone else drives. Laura makes a good driver because she’s efficient, organized, a keen judge of people and what will be successful, exacting of both herself and others, courageous, and determined. Laura has the ability to be bossy without ever really seeming to be so. This is because her ideas are sound, her orders fair, and she’s a hard worker herself. Ambitious, Laura loves money and success, and has the strength, enthusiasm, imagination, and vision to go after them and to get them. Laura is generally one of the pillars of the community because she is dependable, trustworthy, and honest. Laura wants to achieve great heights and has no fear of the climb or battles along the way, for she is sure of winning, regardless of the obstacles she may encounter. Laura sees things on a grand scale and has the power and ability to attain them. Laura is most at home in the commercial world where her thorough, practical nature can best be put to use – hopefully from a position of authority if we are to see a happy Laura.

For relaxation, beneficial motivation, establishing greater harmony with her soul, and developing the characteristics indicated above, Laura should wear a rose quartz and/or diamond near her heart. Wearing more of the color Pink would help also.

Laura’s Outer Self
(Value of 22)
The outer self is the “you” that others generally see – the “you” they know the best – and thus could be called your impression. Because this is the part of you that is usually brought to the outside, it tells us your greatest talents, abilities, and possibilities. It has much to do with the kind of work you are best at and happiest doing, the way you look (your appearance), and the “equipment” you have been given to help you through life.

There Laura is, the supercharged human being – radiating power possibly because she possesses it. Full of nervous energy, Laura keeps in control by doing something to benefit others. Laura generally looks the picture of perfection. Laura’s clothes are in flawlessly good taste. She is poised, and self-assured, and others just sense this. If people want a great idea on a really big scale, they should look Laura up, especially if it’s going to help mankind. Laura not only has ideas, she knows how to put them into action. Laura is able to organize and control, to understand others and their needs. Laura can accomplish almost anything, work well with and for others, cheer up those around her, and analyze all things well. Any job Laura chooses should give her the opportunity to make use of her talents. Laura’s intuition and skill make her valuable, and others look to her for guidance.

Laura as a Child:
Rarely satisfied because she knows that things can be better, Laura is too young to understand how to make them that way. Even as a child, Laura may use her power for self-gain, and she needs to be shown how to put her power to use constructively. Laura is probably the one who will start the neighborhood club or come up with plans for a tree house. One way or another, she’s a busy person. Help Laura stay on the right path by keeping her occupied with good activities. Laura no doubt does fairly well in school – she wants to know all she can. Laura’s big problem may be feelings of inferiority and therefore needs reassurance. This is a lot of power for a child to handle, and Laura needs all the help you can give.

To increase her capabilities and aid in the development of her natural talents, Laura should wear coral and/or ‘red’ gold near her heart. Wearing more of the color Red-Gold would help also.

Laura’s Destiny
(Value of 6)
Your destiny shows where you should be going with your life. If you don’t head in the direction it points, life will bring frustration, dissatisfaction, and problems of various kinds. When we ignore our destiny, or any other major vibration in our chart, we cause great disharmony because we are working against one of our main influences.

Our destiny shows why we are on earth, or what we came to do with our life. Consequently, if we do not follow our destiny, we are wasting our life. We will not accomplish our goal – and anything else we might happen to accomplish is of no value when the destiny is neglected.

Besides showing us what we came to do, the destiny shows the main area we picked to learn about and where we will find our opportunities to fulfill our purpose, and thus help others and ourselves. Other numbers in our chart tell us about our talents and abilities – especially that of the outer self. The destiny shows us where to put these gifts to use for the greatest benefit. For instance, if your outer self shows you are creative, you need to know whether you should put the ability to use in art, literature, or in the world of business.

Self-Harmony – This path is to teach that we are only in harmony when we are meeting our responsibilities. Laura must learn to accept responsibility, not with resentment but with an attitude that allows her to do so willingly and well. Burdens they may be, but Laura must bear them gladly. She must learn to be understanding, sympathetic, and helpful, to be in balance with everyone and everything. Laura must learn to solve her own problems and help others solve theirs as well. On this path Laura must learn the value of a home, family, friends, and society, and of aiding others. Laura should use her abilities to bring harmony into the lives of those on her path and to the situations in which she finds herself. Laura should be willing to give mental, spiritual, or material aid when needed. Laura needs to learn to run a home efficiently and to make family life enjoyable for all. Laura’s opportunity is to be found by accepting responsibility, giving service, adjusting differences, providing whatever others need, in loving and caring, in home and family situations, in things that involve her community, in striving to improve whatever she feels needs improvement, and in giving careful advice. Laura needs to open her heart to others and not to limit herself only to those she loves. Laura should reach out to help, but learn to know when it is best to let others manage on their own. Only when we help others find harmony can we find it for ourselves.

Laura’s Destiny Direction
(Value of 6)
The function of the destiny direction is to provide additional information about the destiny, or the purpose we have come to fulfill. The destiny, in a very general sense, tells us where we are supposed to be going with our life, while the destiny direction points us more specifically toward the goal we need to aim at. It sheds more light on our path, which makes the trip easier because we can better see where we are headed.

For Laura there’s no escaping responsibility – it’s her tool for building better things for herself and others. When Laura gets involved in
anything, she must realize that she can’t just ignore the duties, the problems, and the caring that are a part of becoming concerned. Almost any situation and relationship can be bettered, and it’s for Laura to seek out ways of bettering things and bringing about results. Laura’s own stable nature can bring harmony, and her advice can help others to understand. Whatever Laura’s destiny tells her to do, she needs to include caring for others, tending to responsibilities, making improvements, advising people, and solving problems. Laura needs to make sure she brings love, patience, compassion, understanding, and sympathy to every situation. There are many weak souls who could use Laura’s help – it could mean the difference between a miserable existence and a full and happy life for them. When people come to Laura in need, she should let her generosity take over to give them the protection, guidance, and strength they lack. Laura should be certain she is sincere, for people sense falseness. Many may come to depend on Laura. She needs to be patient and tender. She should teach them to stand on their own two feet – and then send them off stronger and wiser for her help. Laura shouldn’t allow them to become so dependent on her that they do not learn to manage for themselves.

Laura’s Heart Self
(Value of 5)
While the inner self tells about what the best in you or your soul wants you to be, the heart self tells what you desire to be. People talk about their “heart’s desire” and this is truly what the heart self deals with – the type of person we want to be and what we want to do. When we are attuned strongly to this vibration it has a considerable effect upon our personality, and if we are more in tune with the heart self than with our other major vibrations it is our personality. Usually, however, our personality is a composite. In the majority of people personality can be found in the combination of the outer self and the heart self. In some the inner self will show an influence also, and in some rare cases the heart self may not be involved in the personality at all. Consider your personality traits and then the characteristics of these vibrations in your chart, and somewhere among the three you should find your personality.

Laura likes adventure and would like to travel extensively, meeting new people, seeing strange places, learning how others live and think. Laura would like to be free of responsibilities that would hold her to any place or to any situation. Laura wants her life to be full of change, excitement, and stimulation. Laura wants to face frequent challenges to prove to herself that she can meet them and be the victor. Laura wants to try to experience everything she can. Laura wants people around who can keep life from being dull and will give her opportunities to use her charm and intellect. Laura would like each day to be different so she won’t be bored.

For dreaming, and to help her achieve her desires, Laura should wear a turquoise and/or aquamarine near her heart. Wearing more of color Turquoise would help also.

Laura’s Present Self
(Value of 6)
The outer self is determined from the birth name, but it is also the only vibration in our chart that can change. Actually it never really changes, for we always carry the influence of our original outer self, but it can be “added to,” so to speak. When we change our names or use only part of our birth name, we take on an added vibration – another outer self. Most often this brings about changes in us – not immediately, but over a period of time. Sometimes these changes cause disharmony in our chart and therefore our lives.

Laura’s not one to start an argument – in fact, she prefers settling them. Laura would like to make everything better for everyone, and she tries to do so in her quiet way. Laura usually display good taste in all she says, does, and wears. When shopping, Laura is inclined toward things that will wear well and provide comfort. Style is fine only if it is sensible and durable. In appearance Laura has a look of maturity that says, “I’m reliable, sensible, responsible, and definitely adult.” Because of this and her understanding nature, others tend to look to Laura for advice and for answers to their questions and problems. Laura has the ability to talk well, counsel others, command respect, manage, and bring order out of confusion. Laura should keep these things in mind when she’s looking for employment.

Possible Occupations for Laura:
Doctor or nurse, teacher, welfare worker, counselor of any kind, personnel director, hotel manager, governess, nursery school worker, director of a youth group, student adviser, cosmetician, social director, professional housekeeper, librarian, minister, actor or actress, musician, public service employee, receptionist, hotel clerk, union official, economist, instructor, decorator, chemist, therapist.

Laura’s Foundation
(Value of 3)
Your foundation has the strongest influence on the material plane rather than on the spiritual. It helps to determine your outlook on life and has a lot to do with your natural tendencies. You were built upon this vibration and its influence can be balancing, energizing, and enhancing, or it can be restricting and retarding.

This is the first vibration that affects a child, especially if the child’s name is picked before birth. Along with the birth date, it strongly influences the child from just before until shortly after birth. Many of the growth and behavior patterns of the small child are determined by its foundation.

When contemplating a full name change, the foundation must be considered. Part of the purpose of the foundation is to give strength to the outer self, though in some cases it restricts, which may actually be what the person needs. Therefore you have to consider the foundation and outer self together to determine whether its influence aids or hinders expression of the qualities that are desirable.

Laura’s foundation is that of happiness, laughter, imagination, artistry, charm, love, friendliness, intellect, being carefree, talkativeness, emotionalism, and self-expression. There is an inclination to be critical, vain, whining, jealous, and intolerant. These things must be guarded agains.

Laura’s Sub-Conscious Self
(Value of 7)
The subconscious self tells how you respond to situations and relationships. It deals totally with emotions and shows the reactions when there is no time to refer to the brain for guidance, as in an emergency or crisis. It does not influence us consciously at all and could therefore be called the “unconscious self.” It has no desires, no abilities, and does not urge us in any direction; it merely is the part of us that takes over and functions when the conscious does not. Otherwise it is inactive.

Laura reacts to situations with seeming indifference. She may appear unemotional, aloof, and almost uncaring, but underneath Laura is sensitive, feels deeply, sympathizes, and cares very much. Laura analyzes everything and usually sees all sides; in addition she’s secretive, well balanced, and often technical in her approach to things. If Laura is negative, there is a good possibility that she will turn to drink. In emergency situations Laura response is to pray.

Laura’s Key
(Value of 8)
Your key vibration is just that; it is your key to accomplishment and it will open the doors of life. You must understand, however, that even though we use our key, not all doors will open because some are locked from the other side. Keep in mind that when we have used our key we know that we have done all we can do, and if it is meant for us to go through the door, the latch will be lifted from the other side and we will be able to pass. We are never helped until we have done all that we can do for ourselves – that is one of the universal laws.

The key is also one o
f the first vibrations to influence a child and it is of importance all through life. When considered with the destiny, it gives valuable information about how we can accomplish our purpose. Looked at along with the outer self, we can see how to put our abilities to better use and make greater headway in our chosen vocation. Our key can truly unlock experiences if we learn what it is and then put it to use.

Our key is only as good as we make it. It is a tool, and much like a hammer, it can be used to build or to break apart. Consider your key carefully and how best to put it to work for you.

Laura’s accomplishments come through management, organization, efficiency, executive ability, good financial judgment, leadership, achievement, power, intelligence, and zeal. Experiences should be met with practicality, self-reliance, control, good judgment, tact, authority, ability, and dependability.

Laura’s Major Life Cycles
Everyone’s life is divided into three major cycles. These cycles have the greatest influence on our life and on our approach to life. They also have a great deal to do with our destiny.

Our first cycle is the growth period, and by the time of the second cycle we should be fully matured and adult. The second cycle is the productive period of life when we generally accomplish the most, and it is a time to prepare for the last cycle, which is primarily a rest cycle. During the last cycle we also have a chance to look at the life that we have led and see what can yet be done to further fulfill our destiny.

The change from one cycle to another can be a very easy, almost unnoticeable thing, or a very drastic change that may completely alter one’s life-style. The change is generally determined by the vibratory influence of the two cycles; if they are what you could call harmonious or somewhat alike, the change is most apt to be one that will not make a great difference, although the differences can be seen and felt if aware of the cycle changes. If the cycles have little in common or even opposite of each other, then the change can truly alter nearly every aspect of your life-style. This is why some people feel the need, for instance, to wait to marry until close to their twenty-eighth year; for many others marriages end at about this time. Many feel the urge to change jobs close to this age or make other big changes in their lives. Older people quite frequently begin to think of retirement about the age of fifty-six, or they want to travel or change their way of life in some way or another. We tend to give these things little thought and often are not even aware of the changes in ourselves at these times because we do not know about or think about the life cycles and their influences.

When considering the cycles, it must be remembered that they are a part of the total life, or the destiny. They have an influence of their own which goes hand in hand with the destiny. They tell us how best to proceed toward our purpose during that particular period of our life. The cycles should always be thought of along with the destiny; no matter how we may proceed in life we must always keep the end, or destination, in mind. The cycles give us information about the experiences we will meet, the situations we should look for and make use of, the tendencies we will feel, and the things that we need to make a part of our life and learn about as we travel toward our goal.

It is an advantage to know about our cycles so that we can prepare for them in advance. When we are prepared for an event, it loses much of its terror, and also we can begin to acquire the qualities we will need at that time. In addition we can start to make the situations that will be best for us a part of our life before they are really needed and can, so to speak, get things set up and ready to go. It gives us time to contemplate how best to put that period of our life to use, and this is one of the greatest helps of all. Again, remember to consider the cycle and destiny together.

Birth to 31
(Value of 3)
This cycle is concerned with the pleasant and beautiful things of life and should be predominantly free of care. It is a time for self-expression: artistically, with painting, sculpting, writing; musically, with singing, playing an instrument, dancing; with words, acting, lecturing, entertaining, or just talking. It is not usually a good cycle for learning; it is too concerned with outward expression rather than inward accumulation. During this period Laura should entertain a lot, build friendships, develop her personality, and enjoy life. Laura must learn to open up to others, saying what she thinks and believes; giving of herself and her affections. Whatever Laura’s destiny, she will progress toward it during these years by self-expression and by associating with people.

Laura may be inclined to be overly expressive – some people have a way of going to extremes. Feeling pushed to speak her mind or be noticed, Laura may be quieted just so long, and then in a rebellious way will try to be heard. It would be better if some form of expression were allowed so that she would be quieter and there would be no built-up frustration. Laura should be given all the opportunities for social contacts possible. She is inclined to be outgoing, talkative, active, possibly a poor student, and very unconcerned with anything but having a good time. Unless given outlets for expression, Laura could be unruly and something of a problem.

31 to 57
(Value of 1)
This cycle is intended to be a period of independence and a time for Laura to develop her individuality. She must strive toward her goal courageously, putting aside all doubts and fears, and never limiting her thoughts of what she can do. During this time Laura is to do what she feels is right, listening to others for what they may say of value, but never allowing them to sway her from her own opinions if they are well-founded. Laura must use her talents and abilities to their fullest, never depending upon others but going ahead on her own. She should develop her strength and determination so that others will look to her for assistance and so that she will need to look to no one. Laura needs to be a leader and set out with force to realize her purpose.

This cycle can be a very productive and satisfying period. These are the years in which it is usually the easiest to be independent and to develop the self to the fullest degree. This is a cycle of activity, but one in which Laura will be most comfortable when functioning on her own or in a position of control. It is a good time for going into business by herself, or for striking out to get a job as a boss or manager. Marriage or any partnership during this time can be a strain for Laura and consequently for others unless this vibration is understood and kept in mind.

57 on
(Value of 2)
During this cycle Laura is to progress toward her goal by cooperating with others. It is a time when she must be diplomatic, thoughtful, sensitive to others’ feelings, and willing to do whatever is necessary to keep peace. Laura will need to pay attention to details, collect all that she can, particularly knowledge, look for opportunity in the small aspects of life as well as in the large. Laura should never try to assert herself too strongly. She should be willing to take a back seat to others. She needs to be patient, give loving service whenever she can, and learn obedience. Laura should be receptive, easygoing, and gentle. She should work at studying and analyzing all things, for this is a period when learning is important and easy to acquire.

This is usually a quiet cycle when Laura will want to acquire things – anything from objects to increased knowledge. Laura would do well to use this time to study, analyze life and people, and to aid others. She must strive to make life pleasant for all those around her, especially since this will h
elp assure her of the companionship she will feel a great need for. Laura needs to get involved with other people if she’s not already involved, and stay involved. She could find club activities very rewarding. Laura will probably enjoy being an antique dealer and would do well at it if her desire to collect didn’t make it hard for her to part with things. She would get a lot of satisfaction out of collecting almost anything. Laura might find getting involved in politics to her liking. This is usually a very peaceful vibration to carry as a last cycle.

Laura’s Karmic Lessons
Karmic lessons are situations and experiences that we have failed to meet and cope with or that we have met and misused in past lifetimes. A lesson is not Karmic until we have failed to learn it. At this stage of human evolvement all souls have experienced each lesson at least once, and so our lessons are now Karmic. It is universal law that each soul must learn all of the lessons and that until we do certain situations and conditions will continue to present themselves to give us the opportunities needed for learning.

Once we become aware of just what our Karmic lessons are we know what to work on, what to expect in life, and how to train ourselves to respond. Thus learning becomes easier. Once a lesson is learned and learned well it does not have to be repeated, and we are then free of the circumstances we were once bound to. When we are free of circumstances that often are unpleasant, life becomes better, easier, and more rewarding. Sometimes there are experiences that keep coming to us even after we have learned their lessons, but once we have learned to handle a situation it no longer poses problems for us and so does not make our life miserable anymore. How many times have you wondered why the same circumstances constantly seem to appear in your life? The answer may well lie in your Karmic lessons.

With numerology we can not only determine how many Karmic lessons we have, but we can tell exactly what they are and what kinds of situations they will bring to us. We can also get an idea of what we have neglected or abused in the past so that we don’t repeat our mistakes.

(Value of 7)
Fear is one of the big problems of this lesson. It is one of the most frequently found lessons at this time. The age that we have just passed through has been one in which a great deal of the preachings of most churches concerned themselves with hell, purgatory, and eternal damnation. Salvation lay in living a spiritual life. At the same time, living a spiritual life all too often meant poverty, being shut off from the world, fasting, penance, great discipline, and abstaining from most of the pleasanter things in the world. Those who were considered truly spiritual were removed in almost all ways from ordinary life, for example: monks, hermits, nuns, and lamas. Many people had a great fear of not being religious enough. This lesson also indicates that Laura has neglected to develop her ability to analyze – to really examine things and think them through well. Both of these are aspects of the unseen worlds – the mental and the spiritual – which Laura has failed to see in their true perspective. In addition she has failed to develop these parts of herself to their full extent.

In this life there will be many opportunities for Laura to see things properly and so release her fears in favor of faith. She will have to learn to see what is important and to rely on her own resources. Laura must learn to become comfortable in her use of the unseen worlds and must learn to make them a part of her everyday life. She must gain an understanding of what spirituality really is and see the beauty in it. Laura will need to make time in her everyday schedule to be alone with her thoughts, so she can face her fears, look closely at all things, and search for truth. She may well find this a life in which she will do without until she learns true faith.

The child with this lesson needs to be helped to see that the Creator is total love and not to be feared. Never add to her fear with talk of hell or Divine punishment. Teach her about Karma and reincarnation so that she will gain true understanding. Aid her in her search for understanding in all areas. Encourage the child to think things out for herself and help her to see all aspects of things. Help her to see the impermanence of material things and to put in perspective the true value of objects and possessions. Encourage her to spend a reasonable amount of time alone in reading, studying, and thinking. Help her to see through her fears and to establish faith in her life.

(Value of 8)
Laura has run away from making decisions, handling matters involving money, and managing her own affairs – especially those of a business nature. She has used poor judgment and has tried to avoid the material and physical aspects of life. Laura has wanted nothing to do with the commercial world or authority and knows little about achieving and acquiring because she’s been afraid to try. Laura has refused to learn about the laws governing money and success and has therefore missed the lessons that can be learned from the power that goes with them.

Life will be such that Laura will be forced to learn how to handle money, make decisions, and assume authority. She must learn to manage things herself and learn to use good judgment. The big lesson to remember is never to use money, success, power, or anything solely for self-advancement. If Laura does, there will be consequences. Often the penalty is loss of health, happiness, or contentment. Until she learns how to manage well for herself, she may be striving hard to achieve without satisfaction – with many disappointments and failures the result. Money could be very hard for Laura to come by and when it does come it could almost seem to vanish into thin air – it goes so quickly. Then Laura will be made to feel the absence of funds keenly. Once this lesson is learned well Laura stands at the door of success.

The child with this lesson can be helped by being given money to spend and then by being taught how to spend it wisely. Assist her in managing things herself – push her in this direction but always with supervision. If there is any way of making this child into a young businessman, she could benefit greatly from the experience. Insist that some portion of her money be saved – just so she has the security of having some put aside. Planning is important for this child, for the future as well as for today.

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