Xmassed Out Yet?

Today we have snow. After a green Xmas and a green Boxing Day yesterday, we are having snow today… all day ( so far). It’s becoming a winter wonderland, just a bit late for the traditional time for whiteness.

Zack and I were out this morning to the second-hand bookstore and then walked to the Tim Horton’s near his house. Pretty good walk, I thought about just calling for a cab from the bookstore but decided to push myself and enjoy that walk in the snow. It’s even noticeably colder than it has been in awhile. We have been having a Florida Xmas until now.

I’m kind of glad the snow is here, even though I will be waiting for buses in the city. Having such a mild winter has been just a bit too freakish. It felt wrong and I wondered if all the snow and ice was going to descend suddenly right at the end, several blizzards in a row. That wouldn’t be very pleasant.

The photo above came from a site listing background images. I found it through Google’s image search. Another nice one was the Fall road one here.

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