Writing in the Snow

You may have made a snowman, a snow angel or even a snow fort, but… have you written in the snow? I found this group on Flickr while looking for something else. Funny how I find some of the best and interesting things that way. I’m sure if I went looking for resources, blog posts, groups, etc. about writing in the sand I would find many resources. However, for writing in the snow there was only this one.

Flickr: Snow Writing – About Snow Writing: Words in the snow. Anything can think of writing in the snow with your finger, with your feet or any other tool: branches, pine cones, sticks. Just has to be words in the snow.

Assuming you are in a snowy area, today when you are outside make a point of picking up a stick (or something) and write your name or something in the snow. Take a photo and send it to the Snow Writing group on Flickr. Support the snow writers of the world. There are only a few of them!

Extra Resource: Flickr: Names in the Snow (Does not seem to be an active group).

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