Writing in the Moment

Reading, Riting and Rithmatic… Yes, it’s a bit of a cheat for the A – Z Blogging Challenge but I’ve been dealing with computer chaos this week. Just installed another OS tonight. Hoping it will be the last time I need to install/ reinstall a version of Linux.

Rach Writes her A – Z of Writing Tips for the A – Z Blog Challenge. I picked out this one because I think about the “show don’t tell” thing a lot.

Keep your character in the moment to avoid “telling”

She added more in the comments on the post:

“In the moment” is one of the ways to show without telling – you basically have the characters experience things as they happen. So rather than saying “Steve was attacked with a knife” (which is a summary of what happened, and “telling”), you describe what happened in detail as though it were happening in that moment. Eg, “Steve spun and flinched when a shadow lunged toward him. A flash of light glinted in the dark, a streetlamp reflecting off the blade of a knife. Steve’s mouth fell as the knife arced toward him. He tried to scream but his throat was locked shut, and all he could do was watch, watch, watch while his death approached.” (That sort of thing anyway) 🙂

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