Writing as a Form of Gambling

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Laura: How do you handle losing at cards? Especially if someone else is a poor winner?

Shawnee: Playing games and gambling should be fun, even when you lose. I have a few simple rules I play by that help me deal with losing:

* Play the game for the fun of it; winning is just the bonus.

* Never bet more than you can afford to lose. Consider the loss like paying for the movie ticket, the shopping trip, the cost of the entertainment; your loss is just the price of admission.

* Mind your manners. Win, lose, or draw, make sure you’ll be invited back again by being gracious not only to your host or hostess, but to whoever invited you to the game and those you’ve played the game with. Relationships are part of the risk-reward equation. And it works both ways. So, when someone else exhibits poor manners, you have the option to decide if you want to keep them in your game, your circle.

Laura: As writers, we face feeling defeated by rejection. Do you think handling defeats in cards and other games helps you face rejection in your writing?

Shawnee: Absolutely! As I’ve said, getting paid to write, online or off, is another form of gambling, really. The same rules apply.

* Write for the fun of it; getting paid is just the bonus.

* Never invest more time in the writing project or pitch than you can afford to lose. If you lose the pitch, if your submission is rejected, that’s part of the writing game — but at least you’ll have an article or written work you can submit elsewhere or use yourself. *wink*

* Mind your manners. This includes publishers, editors, forum mods, etc., and your fellow writers. Everyone is allowed a celebratory, “Hooray!” but no one needs to do a flagrant dance in the end zone — if they do, there are penalties. As a writer, you may not feel you can charge a penalty, but you really can. Even if it’s just by not playing their game; good old fashioned ignoring works. And feel free not to invite rude gloaters into your circle.

Shawnee Rivers runs Dames Of Chance, a girlie blog about playing cards, betting & gambling, a bit of dating… All those fun and somewhat risky things that make the life of a girl a gamble. Know the games, make your own luck!

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