Writing a Top 10 Sort of List Post

Listverse is a fun site to browse through. But, I don’t know why writers would submit a post there.

  1. Listverse wants to keep all rights to any content they choose to publish.
  2. Listverse will add your name or pen name to the post you have written but I did not see any type of author bio or a link back to the original author’s site, Twitter account, or anything else. Maybe if you have a really unusual name and people bothered to look for you, they could find you online. In my case, it’s not very likely. I know there are two other people with my same name right in the small city I live in, let alone the rest of the planet.
  3. Writers are not paid for their submissions. Consider it a contribution. I hope they at least send out “thank you” notes.

So, yes, you may get a lot of feedback to your list post. But, is there a point to it? Are you a bean counter (comment counter in this case) or are you a writer?

Other than that, here are the basic requirements for writing a list post, from the Listverse site.

Writing a List

6. Include an introductory paragraph for the list
7. Write between 100 – 200 words per item
8. Optionally include links to youtube clips or image URLs if appropriate

You may get in the mood to write a list post after reading a few on their site. But, keep it for your own site. Or try it as a guest post on a site that does give full credit with links back to the writer. Or, a site that gives you an author bio as well as links. Or, a site that doesn’t ask for every last right they can take for your work. Or, how about some of the sites that actually pay the writers?

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