Writers Blog Alliance

The Writers Blog Alliance is intended to create a heavyweight blog for writers with the power to compete for traffic with the most popular blogs on the net. The way it will do this is by achieving a Google Page Rank (PR) that cannot be ignored by the search engines. Such a PR will result from WBA containing good content and having more links, both incoming and outgoing, than you can shake a stick at. There are thousands of writers involved in blogging and, if they all link to WBA and it links back to them, WBA’s PR will increase and so will the PR of each participating blog.

The result will be a very visible center for writers, a place where writers and readers can gather to market their wares and where publishers and agents can browse to find new talent. We will have created a corner of the internet specifically for us, the writers, readers, publishers and agents. No longer will our blogs be lost in the great cacophony of the blogosphere.

I you want your blog to be read by the people that matter, join us. We need you and you need us. It’s as simple as that.

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