Write Your Own Fortune

I always save the fortune from the fortune cookie when we get Chinese food. Some are pretty silly, some are just plain out there and yet the odd one really does get me thinking. However, they do start to clutter up my working space so now and then I write them into my personal blog (the good ones) and then get rid of all the little bits of paper they come on.

Have you ever written your own fortune? What would you really like to hear? Try to write a few then pick your favourite.

Here are the fortunes I’ve got around now, the good, the silly and the not so good after all:

“It takes the sun and the rain to make a rainbow.”
“Do it now! Today will be yesterday tomorrow.”
“Understanding the nature of change, changes the nature.”
“Courage comes through suffering.”
“Guard your health. It is your most valuable possession.”
“You will benefit from a long journey.”
“Prosperity in the family circle.”
“The time is right to make new friends.”
“You will always see light after darkness.”
“Your car will be trouble free for the next 50000 miles.”
“The loyalty of your friendship is highly valued.”
“Great minds must be ready not only to take opportunities, but to make them.”
“Absence, make the heart grow fonder, makes the pay check go lighter.”
“Sometimes travel to new places leads to great transformation.”
“To learn without thinking is effort in vain.”
“You will be awarded some great honour.”
“No one is ever to old to learn, but many people keep putting it off anyway.”
“No one is happy who does not think himself so.”
“You will take a pleasant journey to a place far away.”
“No one who has reached the age of wisdom can be told what to believe.”
“Your present plans are going to succeed.”
“The world is always ready to receive talent with open arms.”
“Select from the past only what is useful for dealing with the present.”
“A bold and dashing adventure is soon in your future!”
“A golden egg of opportunity falls into your lap this month.”
“Seek out the significance of your problem at this time. Try to understand.”
“A cheerful letter or message is on its way to you.”
“The day only gets better.”
“Happiness is yours.”
“You will bring sunshine into someone’s life.”
“If it is meant to be, who are you to change that. Time to believe it.”
“You will realize your dreams by your own efforts.”
“Say little and write even less is always a safe policy.”
“You will see the great pyramids of Egypt.”
“You are cheerful and well-liked.”
“You will soon have an opportunity to advance your career.”
“You will have to choose between two jobs.”
“Good things come in invisible packages. You will be delighted.”
“The smart thing is to prepare for the unexpected.”
“When in doubt, follow your heart.”
“Energy is equal to desire and purpose.”
“A routine task will turn into an enchanting adventure.”
“It is time to help a friend in need.”
“A pleasant surprise is soon in store for you!”
“Your romance will be a long and lasting one.”
“Every master begins by first being an amateur.”
“You will soon meet a life long kindred spirit.”
“Avoid misunderstandings by keeping your ears open.”
“You are strongly tuned in to those around you.”
“Your are a dreamer, and your thinking is inspirational.”
“You inspire others with your principles.”
“You are talented with your hands.”
“You approach life philosophically and with warmth.”
“You create your own stage. The audience is waiting.”
“You will continue to take chances and be glad you did.”
“You have a natural poise and potential for fame.”
“You will inherit some money from an unexpected source.”
“Pack your bags. You’re bound for an exciting destination.”
“You have the ability to nurture and work creatively with others.”
“Be tactful, what goes around comes around.”
“You are active, full of ideas, and have a generous nature.”
“Today will be lucky and memorable for you.”
“The optimist sees the doughnut but the pessimist sees the hole.”
“Your road to glory will be rock, but fulfilling.”
“Your efforts will be worthwhile.”

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