Would you Like To…

This is such a great idea. People post a list of posts are the most read, most linked to, etc. But a list like that is only so meaningful or useful to a reader. To put it this way instead is so much more inviting and appealing.

I found this on A Beautiful Mess.

Create a list of your own for your site’s sidebar. Consider what you really want to share with your readers and what they seem to want from you. Try a reader survey to get a better idea about what they want from your site and yourself.

Take stock of what you want to offer. What are you creating and focusing on with your site? Have you kept to that? Have you found some interesting offshoots to explore? Those offshoots could be great links to add to your list. See how many clicks they get compared to the other links. You can create this list as an exercise in analytics.

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