Working On It

I applied (last night) to write for Suite101 again. I used to write a couple of topics there and copyedit a section of other writers and I headed up the Writers Community section for a short time. I left due to a lot of changes on the site, mainly how they placed the Google ads. They let Google ads take over the content. You had to scroll down just to find the written content under the ads. That wasn’t good for their site or the writers, I’m not surprised they changed the layout. They also changed a lot of the look of the sites and pages, even the colours.

Anyway, I applied to write two topics: Webmaster Resources and Resources for Writers.

They pay a little, very little. But, I want to get back to writing weekly again. I wrote a lot more when I had a weekly schedule to stick to. Funny how you tend to get more done when you are really too busy. Then, when you have time you putter around and get very little done.

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