Working on Excerpts, Thumbnails and Teasers

atworkI’m back to figuring out how to get my images to load with excerpted post with this blog (running Thesis) as easily as they do with Clear Line on my other blogs.

With Clear Line I just add the image into the post, click to make it the featured image and then click to add it to the post. That is all. Clear Line takes care of all the behind the scenes thumbnail, excerpt/teaser stuff. I love it. The image is sized for the excerpted post without me typing in a thing extra. I’d like to know how it works so I could make it work here. So far I’ve made progress, but it is still wonky compared to Clear Line.

I still like Thesis, this is not bashing the theme,  just looking for a solution to a small problem.

So far I’ve used two plugins to try to get where I am with Clear Line via Thesis. The results are imperfect. But, at least the images are showing up now. Also, the Regenerate plugin went back and fixed the old images (a great thing with over 1,000 posts here).

Thumbnail for Excerpts

allow easily, without any further work, to add thumbnails wherever you show excerpts (archive page, feed…).

Regenerate Thumbnails

allows you to regenerate the thumbnails for all of your image attachments. This is very handy if you’ve changed any of your thumbnail dimensions (via Settings → Media) after previously uploading images.

Addendum: I ended up adding some custom code and now things are working, not exactly as I planned but better than they were yesterday. Using this code the thumbnails come up without me adding extra code, typing the image URL in or anything else. I just pick the image I want as the featured image. I can set the image size in the WordPress Settings Media section. The code I’m using includes CSS to add space between the image and the text – that was something I couldn’t find at all but really wanted too.

Addendum 2: I found a site called Thesis Customization and a post about using thumbnails on Thesis which suggested Thumbnail for Excerpts AND explained how to use it with CSS code to modify it. This is what I am now using.

I also found Web Training Wheels which finally helped me understand what I needed to do to use thumbnails on Thesis. Even though I know what I was doing wrong before I’m sticking with the customization I picked up from Thesis Customization. It’s simpler than remembering not to click “Add Image to Post”.

Resources for Clear Line:

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