Words Unread and General Head Pain

headachegrrlToday I have a headache. It’s one of those brain aches that messes with your mind. Funny, in an interesting way, how your spelling, co-ordination and of course your mood is affected (effected?) by one small thing going on with your body. Maybe it’s my brain’s way of reminding me not to take it for granted. Not that I thought I was. Maybe I just haven’t been talking to myself enough lately.

The brother is coming over today and I will be heading to Newmarket this evening. I’m going to get photos of the house in Alliston. We had planned to do this a few times before but he didn’t end up coming out here. I’m pulling together a bunch of books to take to the second hand bookstore. Not easy to part with the non-fiction books, some of them I never did more than skim. Makes me feel guilty to part with books I never really read. Not only for the money spent but the words never read mainly. Words unread, a path not taken, along those lines.

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