WordPress Plugins That Might Work for Selling Your Photographs On Your Site

This is not a review, just a list. I haven’t decided which of these to even load up and try first. But, here for your amusement or practical use, are the plugins I have found for the idea of selling my photographs online, on my own site instead of Etsy, CafePress, and any other similar sites. In the past I tried Zazzle for selling my art on things. I was the only one who bought anything over several months. So, I’m not too keen on using one of those third party sort of sites again. I don’t know how this idea, selling them myself, will go. But, I don’t think it can be any worse. In theory.

So here are the links, not in any order of interest or usefulness. (I’m not 100% sure all of them are still active enough to use, so consider these “use at your own risk”). Some are free, open source, and some are not. I’ve added a couple which don’t work with WordPress, they are stand alone for your website domain.


Sell Media – Graph Paper Press

NextGEN Gallery – Imagely

CP Image Store with Slideshow

ClassicCommerce – for ClassicPress


Photo Video Store Script

WordPress Photo Seller Plugin

WP iSell Photo

Easy Digital Downloads

thirty bees

Sunshine Photo Cart


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