Wordplay with Bookworm

One of my guilty pleasures are online games. I play several. I used to play Facebook games but I have cut back on those especially. Still, one of my favourites for a few years is BookWorm.

Maybe you have never played it. It is addicting and challenging, especially when you get a letter on fire at the very bottom of the puzzle and you are sure you have never heard of a word made up of only the letter “a” before. To play the game you make words out of the random letters that come down from the top of the screen. As you use letters they disappear and the others shift down to fill in the spaces. After the first round there is also a bonus word that you can try to create, they start with three letter words and build up from there. There are bonus tiles in green, gold and blue – if there are others I have not done well enough to see them yet.

Last night I had what may be my best score ever, I don’t actually keep track. I think it was all due to luck, cunning, skill and sheer desperation (also the need to get to bed as I played over an hour and was starting to wonder if I was still playing or just dreaming I was playing). I finally ran out of options for the burning letter when I was on level 22 and had a score of 488,168. When I finish playing I imagine getting whatever my score is in a dollar amount. That gives me happy dreams when I finally shut off the computer and get to bed.

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