Word Verification

I’m fed up with word verification. I’m tolerating it when I make comments on blogs at Blogger. But, I chose to delete a blog today rather than keep putting up with word verification each time I want to make a post to my own blog. I had only been keeping that blog as a back up and a place to collect articles I wanted to read when I had some time. So, it’s not a huge loss. Much easier to toss a blog than put up with word verification for another month or year. It does get a bit frustrating. If Blogger is giving you a blog they can damn well back off and let you use it.

Luckily there are options like WordPress.com and Blogsome.com if you have word verification stuck on your blog posting change and have the satisfaction of showing Blogger what they can do with their word verification policy.

I know there is a problem with spammers taking over blogs. How do I know? I know because each time I login to Dmoz I see kazillions of them! I wade through the maggoty mess and find a few good blogs in the morass of total spaminfestation. So, I know spam is a problem. However, to allow any jerk to tag a blog as spam is ludicris. You can’t leave it up to the masses (half of whom are spammers or just total jerks) to tag blogs. I bet most of the blogs tagged as spam are just personal blogs, not creating a problem at all. The spam blogs are least likely to be tagged because people just don’t bother.

If you wander into a spam blog you leave. I doubt anyone actually takes a moment to tag it. It’s unlikely anyone thinks about that, they just move on. It’s only the those who want to piss people off that take the time to tag blogs.

It’s all backwards and a really lame ass way to deal with the problem.

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