Wood Dragons Found in Books

Found in a book:

Sagittarius: You are an unforgettable and charming character with a blithe and friendly spirit, who attracts attention and affection. You always have a sparkle in your eyes, an easy laugh and magically light up a room. Your gregarious nature and sense of humor are powerful forces in any social situation. However, you often rebel and live according to your own laws which require personal freedom. You are far more romantic than most people think. Your ideal mate will be someone strong enough to hold you, yet flexible enough to let you spread your wings.

Pretty much what most sources say about Sagittarius. I’d get an astrology chart done but I’ve never found the full date of my birth. There is no time on the long form of my birth certificate. So, I’ll never know. I like Chinese astrology better than western anyway.It goes by the year. I’m a Wood Dragon.

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