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This network of sites has been around a long time. They began about the same time as HerPlanet. I wrote for HerPlanet a few years, keeping a site geared to writers called HerCorner. They sort of deflated quietly without any explanation. It was nice working on a site as part of a network. I signed up again with BackWash but them seem to be deflating too. I think (from what I read on their site) that WomensForum only wants established sites with a lot of traffic. Other networks have been just as stuck up about that. My site was doing pretty well until life had another upheavel in store for me.

Anyway, I’m sticking in the link here so I can find it later. Or at least don’t forget about it again. Although, having said that, if I can forget about it for long stretches of time what point is there in joining it? I can still do it all on my own without being told I have to have their ads, linkbacks and etc.

I really want to get this move stuff done. It’s playing havoc with my life.

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