Where Would you Wish to Wake up Tomorrow?

Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow?

I’d like to wake up in a very clean hotel room bed with crisp, white sheets. The room is high, a top floor or nearly so. The location is a big city somewhere in the world. One wall of the hotel room is just a huge window and I can see outside. It is a clear day, a few clouds and maybe a chance for rain.

When I get out of bed I look down on the street below. Everything is tiny, a miniature city spread out with a lake or ocean and far, far away I can see the beginning of the suburban areas and maybe even the green of some rural places.

I debate ordering room service or getting dressed to go to the big farmer’s market which is just a block away from the hotel and has fabulous coffee and loads of fresh fruit and vegetables. The room service wins, only because I want to stay in longer so I can enjoy the great new shower soap, shampoo and conditioner I brought with me. So I order an amazing breakfast and ask them to bring it in half an hour.

Stepping in the shower, making sure the huge thick towel is set out, I take my time in a steamy hot shower looking forward to eggs, bacon, coffee on fancy china with cloth napkins and all the luxurious extras.

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