Visual Merchandising: Window Display Artist

I like to look at interesting jobs in the arts/ crafts area. So many unique and interesting jobs we just never hear about or never stop to think that someone actually does that and gets paid for it!

Have you thought about being the person who creates window displays before? I have. Even back in high school I considered it as a career option. Too bad I didn’t do more about it then. But, you can’t be the person you are now in your past life. I’m still hoping for time machines so I could at least whisper in my ear a few times. Until then… I can research and live vicariously. The best overall name for this type of career seems to be Visual Merchandising.

First, what do you need to get there?

Seneca: Visual Merchandising Arts

Sheridan: Visual Merchandising Arts

Conestoga: Visual Merchandising Arts

Swinburne University of Technology (AU): Diploma of Visual Merchandising

Fashion Academy (UK): Level 4 Diploma in Visual Merchandising

From Schools in the

In order to become a window display designer, it is suggested to get some college or university training in graphic design, fine art, construction, carpentry, architecture, lighting, or theatrical design. There are also a few college courses available in visual merchandising and design. Some business and marketing courses would also help individuals promote their skills.

Before going to school, however, consider working in retail. Ask to help with the window displays, as employers look for experience as well as education.

I found industry resource sites for visual merchandisers and retailers:

  • The Asia Society of Visual Merchandisers
  • VMSD is the leading resource for retail designers and store display professionals, serving the retail industry since 1869 (then called Display World). VMSD showcases the latest store designs and visual presentations, presents merchandising strategies and new products, and reports on industry news and events.

Further resources:

Advice for Retailers: Retail Window Displays Retailing: Creating Attractive Displays (Visual Display Tips)

eHow: How to Become a Window Display Artist Retail Industry: Job Profile: Visual Merchandising Associate

Merchandise Display Artist Job Profile

Visual Merchandiser Job Description

Careers Advice (UK): Visual Merchandiser

M Windows – Visual display and retail design consultants. Visual merchandising as a freelance career. Based in New York City, US.

Following is a real job for a window display artist/ visual presentation technician. You can see what the company wants and expects from someone with this job. This post is taken today from and is for Laura Canada.

Role Summary
The Visual Presentation Technician/In-Store Merchandiser will demonstrate effective in-store merchandising and window presentation techniques in order to support financial and customer service objectives and be proactive in approaching all aspects of store’s visual presentations.

Critical Functions

1. Merchandising Techniques

  • Completes Pre Plan Visual Checklist in conjunction with management on each visit as a coaching and preplanning tool.
  • Ensures merchandising standard is achieved as per Company’s directives
  • Confirms merchandising and fashion directives from Head Office are being followed with appropriate discretion for individual store circumstances.
  • Follow proper placement of display according to traffic flow requirement and symmetry.
  • Ensures display reflects adjacent sections as well as promoting a fashionable message.
  • Maintains standards regarding folding, sizing, usage of hangers and foam strips, removal of excess tags.
  • Analyzes retailers to identify new fixturing and new merchandising ideas.
  • Merchandises the store by using a strong knowledge and understanding of current season’s fashion trends (Look Books, fashion magazines, product Knowledge sessions, shopping competition).
  • Ensures proper placement of all floor bunks, t-stands, bust forms and mannequins according to traffic flow requirement and symmetry.
  • Ensures displays (face-outs, t-stands) reflect adjacent sections as well as promoting a fashionable accessorized message.
  • Maintains standards regarding folding and sizing, proper usage of hangers and foam strips, removal of excess tags.
  • Assists store Management Team in proper execution of all Marketing directives with a high sense of urgency.
  • Ensures all visual elements (when not in use) are properly stored in a designated area in the backroom only, discarding old banners and signage as per Marketing directive.
  • Communicates deficiencies and unsafe store conditions to appropriate department.
  • Orders and replaces light bulbs in the store, stockroom and exit signs ensuring sufficient lighting throughout the store.

2. Window Presentation Techniques

§ Demonstrates creativity in windows by using a strong knowledge and understanding of current season’s fashion trends

§ Ensures mannequins and bust forms placement is done according to standards and all pinning and adjustments made on mannequins result in the most natural and realistic look to the presentation.

§ Confirms Orders, replaces and focuses lights in windows, store, stockroom and exit signs ensuring sufficient lighting.

3. Customer Service

§ Has constant customer awareness and knows to stop, drop and serve.

§ Executes all POS procedures accurately and efficiently (i.e. special orders, no sales, refunds, etc.).

4.   Shipping & Receiving

§ Prepares all incoming and outgoing merchandise in a timely manner.

§ Ensures all housekeeping standards are maintained.

§ Completes markdowns efficiently and accurately.

§ Ensures Health and Safety standards are met at all times


§ Experience in fashion with a strong background in display/merchandising

§ Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, detail oriented with strong follow-through skills

§ Able to adapt to changes and work on adaptable schedules

§ Demonstrates fashion flair and creativity.

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