Will You Be Allowed to Vote?

Tomorrow is the Canadian federal election. I already voted, early. Tonight I’m wondering, in this new democracy where people are allowed to make one choice only, call it coerced, whatever word you like. Will this be our last election?

First, I thought about future elections requiring a vaccine passport. Only those who have been vaccinated several times (with “the vaccine” not all those other vaccines, they just don’t count now) will be allowed to vote. But, then, why not take it a step farther and get rid of the political parties and candidates. Just admit Canada is no longer a democracy but a dictatorship. So, elections will be a thing of the past. I really don’t think it matters which party gets in. They have all become a blob, all the same, doing the same, acting the same. The faces and the words and promises are irrelevant. Their actions are the same.

I think it is a short step to removing the rest of the rights and freedoms people have from where we have come now with the so called pandemic as an excuse. Privacy is flying out the window pretty quickly. I could not imagine having my medical records made public, demanded even, by someone as proof of my being allowed to enter a restaurant, or any kind of public place.

Now I don’t want to write or think more about it. Too much. If this were a science fiction story no one would believe it.

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