Wicked Wishes from Witches

You see a Witch scrunched down at the side of the sidewalk. You only think of her as a Witch because of the way she is dressed, an exceptionally great costume – if this were Halloween. She is doing something odd with her fingers. For lack of a better word you would say she is hexing something. Interesting…

As you walk past she says your name. Your ears perk up and your skin prickles. When you stop and look back she is looking right up at you. It’s creepy.

However, you’re the curious sort so you stop and wait to see what she does or says next. She offers you one wish but it has to be wicked. No world peace or ending world hunger or any of that hogwash. What wicked wish would you make? Something the nice girl in you would find terrible and not even consider thinking let alone doing!

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