Why I Don’t Follow Twitter Sploggers

Are you frustrated because you don’t have the amount of followers on Twitter that you would like or think you should have? Maybe it’s not a social media problem, maybe it’s you!

What did you last post to Twitter? Have a look at your own Twitter profile. What do you see? Are there a lot of retweets (RTs) from other people on Twitter? Are there no original tweets from you in weeks, or longer? Are there no Twitter posts, other than links to your own blog posts? Do you use Twitter as a link farm rather than a social system, a way to communicate with other people?

Likely that’s the reason you don’t have followers, or more real followers.

People, like myself, don’t want to follow someone on Twitter to read a lot of rehash, repetitive stuff. I tend to follow people who use Twitter to post ideas, share thoughts, or the odd link they find along the way. I don’t follow people (or discontinue following people) who have nothing original to say.

I don’t need to follow someone to read their blog. So why follow them if they only post links to their most recent blog post? It’s just duplicate content and a waste of time and space for me.

I lose interest in following someone who only retweets other people’s posts. Why not go right to the source and follow that person instead? Skip to the point of origin rather than wading through the clutter.

If you really want to have followers, stop trying to get them. Yes, just STOP!

Be yourself. Be sincere. Give people a chance to find out who you are, become interested and then choose to follow you, just because they want to. You can’t buy or spam your way to real, sincere followers who have a real interest in following you. You just have to let them find you.

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