Why Force Drug Compliance on Everyone?

Vaxxinated or not, you can still get covid and spread it.

Why do the vaxxinated believe in forcing this drug on everyone? Only because the media and government say so. If you have had the vaxxine and you believe you are safe, less at risk, etc., why does everyone else need it, especially if they do not want it?

It should not matter whether I have the vaxxine or not. If you have had it, if you believe in it, then you should believe you are protected and no longer at risk. Or, as they say now, you can still get it but will suffer less from it. So, good for you. If I get covid I may have more trouble with it, or not. What does that have to do with you? You’re protected, remember?

People at risk are at risk from any and all viruses, including covid. The vaxxine guarantees nothing. It’s really not about or for covid at all. They say it will boost your immune system, etc. Vitamins make the same claims but no one is threatened in order to be forced to take them. Still, the vaxxine, won’t prevent you from getting covid or passing it to others. So everyone is still at risk, vax or not.

There is no health purpose for the virus passport. Just as there is very little benefit to having the vaxxine. The vax passport is only about forcing more people to get this vaxxine.People will lose their job, be laid off without pay and, to top it off, they are not allowed to collect unemployment insurance from the government unless they have the vaxxine passport. So, the government causes you to lose your job and then takes no responsibility for having done so.

Just as they take no responsibility for the drug itself. Before you get the vaxxine you sign a paper absolving the government and drug companies of any responsibility for death, harm and side effects from this drug. In hospitals they are denying the vaxxine has any bad side effects, causes any harm, or death. So, either way, the government is forcing drugs on people and walking away from it to let them sink or swim and be unemployed, maybe unemployable depending on how badly the drug effects them.

I don’t yet know why the government and media are forcing this experimental gene therapy drug on (literally into) people. It makes no sense at all. Obviously it does not work for the purpose they claim. They have stopped claiming it will make anyone immune to covid. They continue saying vaccines are safe and effective, talking about all vaccines and not this current vaxxine. This is misdirection.

The media talks about anti-vaxxers as if people who are against this drug are against all vaccines. That is not the case. But, it makes it easier for the media to discredit people and have them sound ignorant. They throw in comments about tin foil hats, the flat earth and other beliefs which are not likely true and certainly not proven to be true when talking about a group of people who only have one belief/ choice in common.

Vaccines are not safe, not fully. Doctors have never (until now) made claims that all vaccines are safe and effective. Vaccines work for most people. That isn’t the same thing as being safe and effective. Common, over the counter drugs, don’t make blanket claims about being safe and effective. They would be proven wrong because no drug is 100% safe and effective for every individual person. People are getting very ill (some die) from this vaxxine so it is obviously not safe and effective. Why the lies? They aren’t even clever lies. They are obvious lies anyone could figure out if they stopped swallowing them all whole for a moment.

There used to be a media station, I forget which, who used the slogan “News you can trust”. None of them can still make that claim now. The media know they are lying and do it anyway. They know their reports and photographs are biased, misdirection, faked, and full of outright lies. They aren’t all stupid people, they know what they are doing. So why are they doing it, continuing on even almost two years later.

Why keep flogging covid panic mongering, with fake and biased statistics and information, getting people to panic, all this time. Covid and/or the vaxxine are in your face, online and in print every day. We are hammered with it constantly. Its like the elections, you can’t escape it, even if you really try! I wish I could live on a small island, without communication for several months. But, I’d have to order groceries and the website would have a prominent headline or a popup about their covid protections, keeping everyone safe with sanitizing and sheets of plastic and masks, and of course, you must have a vaxxine passport to be allowed to endure all the rest. One way or another it is pretty impossible to avoid the media and the vax/covid campaign.

What is all this about, really? It can’t be about covid. Covid is a real virus. So what? There are other viruses, more deadly, more easily spread and caught, than covid. No one even talks about those now. The virus passport, the vaxxine, the insanity, is all and only about covid. All other infections, diseases, viruses, bacterial infections… no longer matter. We are only screened for covid symptoms, only forced to have a covid passport, only made to wear surgical masks to prevent covid. What about everything else? There are a massive range of diseases people could worry about, obsess about, but no… only covid. They call this a pandemic, but it isn’t. It’s propaganda.

I’ve heard the vax passport will be finished in January. In March, the surgical masks will no longer be mandatory. I don’t believe anything the government or media report, so I’m taking this with a bag of salt (not just a grain). But, if it can be ended in January, why not now? What will be so different in January. I guess they think that is the longest people can last without an income so almost everyone will have been forced to take the vaxxine by then.

Don’t think covid will just disappear, like it was never here. Covid is a virus, they don’t go away. The vaxxine is no real protection, nor is the mask. Wash your hands, that is the best protection from any virus or bacteria. Just wash your hands and I hope the bogeyman/ vaxxine doesn’t get you.

Good luck to us all, whether we are vaxxed or still somehow able to remain uncontaminated with the government’s drug.

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