Why Do Onions Not Like Me?

Onions come in so many different things. Sometimes I forget to think about them. But onions just don’t like me. I can get away with a very minimal amount of onion-ness but more than that and I am not going to be happy, sometimes I’m even really sick. It’s unfair when onions are in so many of the things I like.

It is very cold here today. I woke up early cause I’m expecting a phone call or an in-person visit. Not sure which. As cold as it is I think he will just phone. It’s a friend of my brother’s who was a painter when we were in our 20’s but he went on to become an accountant, a real one too. All fussy and rule abiding. Almost like a person from another planet. He has been doing my taxes for awhile, has had the paperwork for over a year but now with a bit of bugging I think it is going to get done.

Even though it’s really cold and ice is falling off of very tall buildings to the extent that several roads are being closed, I want to get out of here today. No plans, no destination and no spending money. I just don’t want to stay here underground another day. I want light, open air where there are no spindly spiders and wood louses. I’m not sure if I will get outside and turn around and come back cause it really is bitterly cold (they say so on the radio). But I am going to make the effort. Not quite yet but soon after I hear from the accountant guy.

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