Why Do All Our Ideas Have to be Good Ideas?

I’ve been feeling less than inspired for awhile. Sometimes I look for inspiration and ideas online. Most of the time I don’t find very much. I tend to rule out ideas that don’t seem they would work for me. Some are too challenging, not just hard, but far more than I could consider starting and hope to finish. Some just don’t fit with me, don’t suit me. As if they don’t apply to me. They just don’t seem like good ideas.

But, I found an article this afternoon which was about just that, in part.

Good ideas are generally hard to come by, even for the most talented artists.

Not every artwork is a true creative success. Assuming that you are stuck for inspiration, think of ideas you have put aside because you thought it was mediocre. The point is, to keep creating. As long as you produce artwork, there is always the chance of seeing something in your painting that inspires another.

Source – Artpromotivate – 20 Art Inspiration Ideas for Creativity

Why do I put aside some ideas too easily?

If an idea seems not right to me, why don’t I use that as a starting place to come up with something that does work for me? Isn’t that what inspiration is, really. Not finding something and using it just the way you found it, but to change and adapt it, to create something new and unique and original of your own.

So I’m going to pick up some of the ideas I put on the backburner and work with them. Even if I’m not happy with the results I will at least have done something. Made something new.

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