Why Can’t They All Just Work Nice Together?

I did get the new modem inserted and functional. It’s LOUD! Strange to think the old one was so quiet, at least in comparison. This one could serve as an alarm clock should it ever think about a change in careers.

Now however, all my saved HTML files from thatgrrl.ca will not work in FrontPage. Silly FrontPage either can’t find them at all (though with my mere human eyeballs I can clearly see them) or it just can’t figure out how to open them. This is almost funny. All those files were created on FrontPage and yet, it can’t recognize it’s own children. How meanspirited! Kind of like having your parents win the lottery and then disown you. Nasty!

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if all those HTML files have hurt feelings if not some sort of very complicated psychological disorder now.

I blame it on Microsoft, their Grandmother.

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