Who Will Win the UnDeath Match?

So far the werewolves are ahead. They’ve outlasted zombies, vampires and angels. (Are angels undead?)

I would have to pick dragons as their next challenger. No, dragons are not undead. But, I can’t seriously see angels as undead. I think that opens the options up to other immortal creatures and a dragon can give a werewolf a pretty serious bad day, any day. As much as I love Kelley Armstrong‘s werewolf characters (especially Elena) I know they can’t walk away from a match against dragons. Though, I will admire them just for having the courage to show up.

There are too few books in the paranormal chick lit genre which include dragons. The last one I liked is a bit old now and not so likely to be found on the shelves at your local Chapters. Have you read Stephanie Rowe’s Immortally Sexy series? Looks like it ended at the fourth book a couple of years ago. A shame, we need more dragons in paranormal fiction. Especially the kind which can ferociously battle werewolves while enjoying a full, passionate life full of chocolate, good books, adventure and treasure hunting!

What do you think? Which undead/ immortal creature do you pick as the ultimate winner in the UnDeath Match? Check in with them on Twitter too.

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